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Our ARCHITECTURE is conceived with our clients to maximize the concepts of energy conservation, the use of renewable energy, designs that maximize natural daylighting, passive solar heating, super insulation, even recycled materials, but most importantly, a reverence for the unique land that each of these projects is built on.

Our projects vary dramatically in architectural style, both from each other and from "normal" homes. Our "style" varies from log cabins to timber-frame, from Post-and-Beam to Contemporary, because each projects is a custom creation, for an individual client and their specific site.

Our Wilderness Architecture not only provides thoughtful, individual building design innovations, but we offer careful, individual site analysis, including solar orientation and designs that consider best views, water access, driveway and parking requirements. We provide site specific on-site sewage treatment solutions, including investigation of composting toilet/gray water options, conventional gravity flow trench septic systems and elevated-pressurized mounds. Our planning includes well location/water lateral recommendations and water system designs that consider central drainage, freeze resistance, and tankless hot water options.

We believe there is a significant difference in the way a remote, occasionally occupied home should be created. Factors that are not important in conventional housing, can mean the difference between success and failure in a remote cottage. Even though cabins have been carved out of the wilderness for hundreds of years, today's technology offers new opportunities, surprisingly affordable, that are environmentally sensitive and eliminate the drudgery of living in dark rooms, dealing with outhouses, frozen toilets, broken water pipes and inefficient heating systems.

Our architecture incorporates energy-efficient heating systems, including advanced wood burning stoves and fireplaces, wood and gas fired masonry heaters, thermostat controlled gas stoves and fireplaces, and thermostat controlled gas direct-vent heaters that do not require electricity. We provide energy-efficient lighting and appliance solutions that minimize or eliminate your dependence on utility supplied electricity, and if you choose, we offer solar energy technologies that could totally eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels.



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